Tips, tricks and advice for young adults

Why is it that at school you learn all about the human body, the economy of our country and three foreign languages that you will never use, but you don’t get taught about what awaits you after you graduate? There is a lot more to adult life than the classes are get taught in secondary school. That’s why Joni Hendrix started VLWSSN. VLWSSN is an online platform where young adults can learn about themes such as work, sustainability, finance, relationships and more.

Blog articles

For VLWSSN I wrote over 20+ blog articles about sustainability, relationships and personal development. The purpose of the blogs is to help young adults navigate the world of sustainability on a budget, teach them about easy sustainable swaps at home, give them advice on their personal relationships and give them a safe space to read about their personal development. One of my blogs reached #1 place in Google.