Mind Your Ways

Creative support for health and mindset coaches

Sharon is an expert on all things health and food. With her background as a event manager, changing her own lifestyle and a completed study as orthomolecular advisor, she now uses her knowledge and experience to support health and mindset coaches. “Together we can inspire more women to get more out of their (healthy) lives.”

Social media strategy + web copy scan

In a few strategic social media sessions, I helped Sharon to map out her ideal client and establish a tone of voice to attract her ideal client. In addition, I helped her determine five content pillars to create valuable content around to grow her socials and attract clients. For the five content pillars I created a document filled with in-depth examples, content creation examples and storytelling tips. Before she launched her new website, I also did a web copy scan and provided feedback on how to optimize her website copy in terms of customer journey, content and SEO.