Leopold Vienna

Creative cocktails and specialty coffee products

Leopold Vienna inspires a passion in everyone who wants to create an experience out of an everyday act. With a broad collection of coffee and cocktails products, consumers can easily make specialty coffees and creative cocktails from the comfort of their own home. Leopold Vienna also offers a variety of giftsets and accessories in the area of coffee, cocktail, wine and bar. The design caters to current trends and exudes passion. A contemporary brand with a bold character and over 25 years of experience.

Social media + blog articles

For Leopold Vienna I write and create content for social media platforms Instagram and Facebook. This brand sells both cocktail and coffee products, so finding the perfect balance between those two audiences is a fun challenge! Leopold Vienna’s brand identity is bold, so the content I write is playful, sassy and outspoken. Customers don’t want this brand because the products are household must haves, they want this brand because they want the lifestyle. Making creative cocktails at home on a Saturday night, or brewing that speciality cup of coffee on a Sunday morning. In addition, I have written 20+ blogs about coffee, cocktails, recipes and trends and more.