Holy Moly

Theatre Trip (coming soon)

This brand new walk-through experience in the heart of Breda tells the story of the old Holy Theatre founded by visionary showman Holy Moly. Inside the experience, you step into the head of theatre actress Magdalena Moly as she leads you through the rooms of the theatre, long since out of use. As Magdalena takes you through the rooms, you will discover many dark secrets and bear witness to the spectacular history of this mysterious theatre. From trapeze artists to a talking parrot, this place will surprise you at every turn.

Creative content + newspaper articles

I was asked to write the voice-over texts (in Dutch and English) for this unique experience. For this project I had to dive into Magdalena’s head and write about her experience as she leads the visitors from room to room. For months I immersed myself into her deep, dark thoughts and wrote the story as portrayed in her memories of the theatre. In addition, I also wrote other textual elements in the experience, such as a series of newspaper articles and clippings that you can find in the entrance. In the articles you already discover a lot about the theatre’s history.