Female business community

Making impact and creating equal work opportunities for women: that’s what Elja Abdullaeva is all about. “With ConnectHer I want to make women, our knowledge, ambitions and inspiration more visible and accessible to (young) women. I am convinced that there is power in collectivity. By joining forces and sharing our stories, we can make a huge difference in the personal and professional development of women now and for generations to come. Together we can create a world with equal opportunities for all.”

Social media + content advice

When Elja contacted me, I was immediately drawn to her cause. Making the world a better place for young women in a professional capacity is something I find very important. So when she asked me for help with her social media, I jumped at the opportunity. For ConnectHer I write the social media captions, create content, manage the Instagram account and engage with her community. I also give content advice regarding the development of the website and marketing.