Teapots for tea lovers all over the world

Since 1914, Bredemeijer® has manufactured teapots of high quality that decorate living rooms and kitchens all over the world. Bredemeijer® is an authority in the field of teapots and tea accessories. Because of the innovative designs every tea experience in enhanced. The contemporary design is a true eyecatcher and the teapots are functional in use. The collection consists of stainless steel, cast iron, ceramic and glass teapots and include many tea accessories. The double walled design of their teapots is known amongst tea lovers worldwide. A Bredemeijer® teapot has an international appearance with an eye for sustainability.

Social media + blog articles

For Bredemeijer® I write and create content for social media, specifically Instagram and Facebook. I write captivating captions that educate people about the world of tea and teapots and create a setting around their perfect tea moment. Customers don’t want to ‘just buy’ a teapot, they want to think about that rainy autumn day when they spent the entire afternoon inside, reading their favourite book while sipping a warm cup of tea from their Bredemeijer® teapot. I addition, I have written 30+ blogs, with topics such as sustainable tea(pots), health benefits, tea recipes, tea flavours, tea ceremonies and much more.