Artisanal Cuisine

Good food for good people

Artisanal Cuisine was founded by culinary craftsman Daniel Lansbergen. He mainly cooks with regional and local products. His experience speaks volumes and ranges from Oriental cuisine to a Crawfish boil. He takes a dish that has been around for years and makes something special out of it. With an enthusiastic team who share his dedication to tasty and original food, he has successfully catered for many events. From intimate dinners to large corporate parties and from large-scale outdoor events to picknick dinners.

Social media advice + web copy scan

When I just started my business, I helped Daniel with setting up his social media. Together we determined his ideal client and found a way of communicating that fits Daniel’s exuberant and vibrant personality and character. I advised him on the types of content he could use and helped him with social media captions. I also partially rewrote his website copy and gave him tips on how to optimize his website.