How to create a coffee bar atmosphere at home

09 Sep 2022 | Creativity

How to create a coffee bar atmosphere at home

09 Sep 2022 | Creativity

Working at your favourite coffee bar is of course one of the best things you can do as a freelancer. It’s also grown in popularity over the years! Nowadays we see many freelancers typing away on their laptops, sipping cappuccino and listening to relaxing coffee house music. But what if meetings require you to stay at home? Or do you just feel like working from your home office? These are my 4 tips to create a coffee bar atmosphere at home. 

1. The perfect playlist for a coffee bar atmosphere

On Spotify, there are hundreds of thousands of playlists with dozens of genres. So it’s not surprising that there is also a wide range of Coffee Bar and Coffee House playlists. Whether you like the modern coffee bars with melodic techno tunes or prefer that cute little café on the corner where singer-songwriters come through the speakers, there’s plenty of choice to create that perfect coffee bar atmosphere. 

A few of my ‘cute little café’ favourites are Your Favourite Coffeehouse, Coffee + Chill and ‘t Koffiehuis. These relaxing playlists are perfect for curling up in that corner of the couch on your coffee break or when you’re typing away on your laptop! 

To recreate that modern coffee bar atmosphere (you know, the ones with barista’s creating coffees with names you’ve never heard of) playlists such as Lofi Café and Coffee Club work really well. With these chill beats your coffee tastes just as good as when your favourite barista makes it. 

2. Specialty coffee

It’s not a coffee bar without your daily dose of specialty coffee! Even though you’re not a barista, there are many options to create that delicious cup of coffee at home. Think of the special taste of that vegan coffee that you always drink: you can easily imitate it by buying oat milk instead of (semi) skimmed milk. It is also relatively easy to learn how to froth milk at home; there are plenty of tips and tricks for amateur baristas online. And then of course it is: practice, practice and more practice! Before you know it you can also make all that beautiful coffee art yourself.

Another tip is to invest in the right equipment, because believe me: coffee from cups is absolutely no match for coffee made in a French press or an espresso maker with freshly ground beans. The smell alone will create that coffee bar atmosphere at home within a matter of seconds. 

3. Decorate your room like a coffee bar 

If you want to go a step further, you can even decorate your living room to resemble the atmosphere in your favourite coffee bar. Think about adding chalkboard walls, hooks on the wall with coffee cup collections or a bookshelf with your favourite must reads. But what’s most important is of course: a coffee cabinet. A dedicated place where you store all your coffee items and make your specialty coffees. 

4. Dress the part 

Yes, you’re working from home, but you wouldn’t walk into a coffee bar still wearing your pajamas would you? When you get up in the morning, dress like you would when going out of the house. This won’t only make you more productive and motivated, it also makes you feel like you’re actually sitting in your favourite coffee bar, listening to relaxing coffee house tunes, sipping a delicious latte. 

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