Apple Releases iOS 13.1: Improvements on all fronts

Apple released iOS 13.1 on Tuesday September 24th. This is the first update to be released after the launch of the iOS 13 operating system earlier in September. According to Apple, the update provides your iPhone with a bold new look, major updates in the apps and improvements across the entire system.

Cozy up with Dark Mode

One of the new features installed in the iOS 13 update is the Dark Mode. Using a mobile phone late at night can be straining on the eyes and can cause a lack of sleep: the blue light used in screens tells our brains that it’s still daytime. Because of this, software designers have been working on a solution that darkens the screen. 

According to Apple, “Dark Mode introduces a dramatic new look for iPhone. It’s thoughtfully designed to make every element on the screen easier on your eyes and is seamlessly integrated throughout the system.” Not only does it reduce the strain on the eyes, it also improves your viewing experience at night – perfect for a late night binge watch of the new Stranger Things season.

Audio sharing 

Another feature that was added is a shared audio experience. Multiple headphones featuring Apple’s AirPods, Powerbeats Pro, HomePod, and Beats headphones can now be connected simultaneously. For example, you and your spouse can pair two sets of AirPods to one iPhone and listen to the same song or watch a movie. 

More control over your photos 

Apple also decided to cater to the needs of their younger, social media users. Nowadays a picture can’t be posted on social media without it being intensely edited and three different filters have been used to create the perfect look. Two new photo features from the update are Portrait Lighting Control and Redesigned Editing. 

With Portrait Lighting Control you can create the look you want by changing the light intensity. Took a picture at dusk which is actually too dark? No problem, you can virtually adjust the position and intensity of each Portrait Lighting effect: “You can easily sharpen eyes or brighten and smooth facial features just like a photographer in a studio would.” 

The Redesigned Editing feature allows for powerful new tools and better control over effects. It lets you control any adjustment or filter to perfectly fine-tune what you place on your social media platform of choice. Being a professional has never been so easy.

Location, location, location.. 

Trying to pinpoint when and where exactly you meet up with a friend is always a challenge, but Apple added a feature in the update that allows you to share your ETA through the Maps app.

This feature lets users share their estimated time of arrival to a specific location – “allowing the friend or family member to follow along with the trip.” Your ETA will even be updated should you be held up somewhere – giving you a valid excuse for being late to the party. 

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